14U Travel a Brand New Trail
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Regardless of their results, the Northern Chill 14U Girls are breaking new ground this weekend in Sherbrooke, Quebec. The local youth volleyball team has become the first Chill team, in the 14U age bracket, to compete at a national championship.

Given that the process is a straight-forward application, the combination of relative proximity as well as reasonable competitiveness had the group of grade eight athletes, and their parents and coaches, prepared to take the plunge.

Coach Eric Bacon will be making his first trek to the event as well, capping his season long sojourn with a squad that included five returnees from the 2012-2013 13U Chill team, along with seven newcomers to the fold."At the beginning of the year, we didn't know each other, so we weren't talking, we didn't have trust in each other," said Mikaela Richter from Markstay Public School. "We've improved so much since the beginning of the year."

The last player cut one year ago, Christina Rorison (St John's - Garson) came back with a vengeance, earning her spot and exemplifying the willingness to learn that characterizes this particular assembly of young ladies.

"The rotations were tough," said Rorison, one of two setters with the team. "I didn't get taught, before I started playing Chill, any of the rotations. I would get confused and everything. And at the beginning of the year, my sets were a little bit off. Now, I feel comfortable playing my sets with the girls."

"I've challenged this group an awful lot more than I've challenged any other group," acknowledged coach Bacon. "So there have been some errors in trying to learn new things. It's a function of learning how to be a volleyball player, learning how to be a competitive athlete."

If there was any fear and apprehension on the part of the girls, it's long since subsided. "The coaches took some time getting us to know each other," noted Richter. "We would learn each others strengths and weaknesses."

"It was just amazing getting to know a whole group of girls that I had never met before," she added. With a majority of the players making their first appearance at provincials, the 14U Chill crew won two of three matches on day one, before dropping four straight en route to their elimination on Sunday morning.

"It was very different for me coaching provincials, knowing that we still had nationals around the corner," conceded Bacon. "Usually, the provincials is the last tournament of the year, everything is geared up for that."

"I would say that it will be a little different at nationals, because there is better competition than at provincials," said Rorison. "I think we'll be a little bit nervous, but once we start playing, the nerves will go away."

Ranked 21st in a field of 40 teams, Bacon is hoping to guide the northern Ontario team into a top twenty placing. The 14U Chill started well on Friday, picking up two wins and a loss, with their only defeat at the hands of the top seeded Storm Typhoon from Aurora (25-8, 25-8).

The Sudbury reps settled down nicely from there, taking out Celtique from Montreal in three sets (25-20, 19-25, 15-9) before sweeping their way past the Centennial Chargers from Broussard, Quebec (25-18, 25-12).

Re-pooled for day two on Saturday, the Chill will face Scorpions Green (Cambridge), Extreme Bleu (Aldouane, NB) and Outtahand Markham from Concord.

The 2013-2014 14U Chill roster includes Alison LaBrash, Becca Hopkins, Brooke Smith, Christina Rorison, Kayla Murray, Kayley Hancharyk, Lexi Johnson, Marissa Beeson, Mikaela Ethier, Mikaela Richter, Natasha Gervais, Samantha McGrath, head coach Eric Bacon and assistants Glenn Murray and Danielle Marshall.


18U Plays Leapfrog at Provincials
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Czerkas - "It's been my favourite year".

The Northern Chill 18U Girls were not about to lose their focus.

Sure, they knew that regardless of the outcome at the OVA (Ontario Volleyball Association) Provincial Championships last weekend, they would still be heading to nationals in Edmonton next week.

Given that the all-Canadian tournament is based on a straight-forward application process, no qualifications were necessary.

Still, the team had a goal in mind. Rated at #21 entering the Ontario playdowns in Kitchener-Waterloo, the 18U Chill were adament about moving up the ladder, feeling that a top-twelve finish was achievable.

The provincial-national tournament combo will cap off the Chill careers for all nine of the young ladies who have donned the uniform for at least the past few years. Moving through the process, all agree that there is something uniquely different to the 2013-2014 farewell tour.

"In 14U and 15U, you're learning more," noted left-side Confederation senior Alandria Czerkas. "But as you get older, you're bonding more as a team. It's really an attitude towards taking the new language, combos and things like that, and putting it to use."

An attitude that starts at the top. "It's been my favourite year," Czerkas added. "I really like having Mike (Margarit) as a coach. I find that he's very positive towards things. And I like his energy level - he really keeps us going."

"I find that he's taught us a lot about intensity and working hard." Seventeen year-old grade 12 Lockerby Composite student-athlete Lauren Kyle is in her fourth year with the Chill, preparing to embark on her post-secondary journey at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan in the fall.

With plenty of experience at power (left-side) in her younger days, Kyle has made a smooth transition to libero for the past two years. Like Czerkas, she notes a difference in the atmosphere that has surrounded the group of nine for the past eight months.

Chill was not about to loose their focus.

"We all know that it's our last year here, so we want to make the best of it," said Kyle. "That changed our mindset a lot. We're working better as a team. We all had the skills, but now we're coming together as a team. That's kind of what the final year is all about."

While competition will always be front and center with the young ladies who sign up for the province-wide battles that are part and parcel of being a member of the Northern Chill, the development that comes with the experience is equally as critical, especially to those who aspire to play beyond high school.

Players are moved to new positions, expanding the versatility of the athletes. Czerkas meandered her way through stints as a setter and right-side hitter before moving to the opposite side of the court this year.

"It's a lot different," she said. "At left side, you're all the way at the back of the court, whereas right side, you're along the line. I've really enjoyed transitioning from right side to left side."

Equally open to change was Kyle, tackling with enthusiasm the role of libero that is clearly not for everyone. "You have to be very focused, I would say, beacuse you're not doing as much swinging," she explained.

"It's very one-dimensional. You have one task to do, and you have to be very, very good at the one task. I think it suits me, it's what I am meant to play." That type of buy-in, across the entire lineup, would be key as the Chill looked to show progress at Provincials.

Pool play on day one could not have gone much better as the Sudbury ladies swept their way to a 3-0 mark, beating the Niagara Rapids from St Catherines (25-11, 23-25, 15-8), the NBYVC Lakers from North Bay (25-17, 25-23) and the ACTS Elites from Orangeville (20-25, 25-20, 18-16).

That result would find the team re-pooled in a grouping with three opponents, all ranked in the top 17 or better for day two play. After struggling out of the gate with a straight set loss to the Etobicoke Titans (13-25, 18-25), the Chill rebounded to show well in six gruelling matches, earning a split.

The Chill fell just short of upsetting the Predators Black from Kitchener-Waterloo (24-26, 25-20, 16-18), but did manage to climb the rankings with a three-set win over the Burlington Blaze (23-25, 27-25, 15-10).

Slotted in for a Tier II quarter-final matchup on Sunday, the Chill outlasted the # 16 seed Stratford Stingers (23-25, 27-25, 15-10), before falling in the semi-finals to the Ottawa Fusion (27-25, 23-25, 8-15) and the Predators Black for a second time (25-23, 12-25, 12-15).

The 2013-2014 edition of the Northern Chill 18U squad featured Emily McDonald, Lauren Kyle, Alandria Czerkas, Manon Duhaime, Emily Sanders, Emily Clark, Jillian Vallier, Amanda Kring, Kelsey Pitre, head coach Michael Margarit, as well as assistants Jason Nicholls and Adriana Pacitto.


Spring Development House League Announced

The Northern Chill Volleyball Club is pleased to announce the continuation of our Spring Developmental House League.

It will be a 4 week program targeting female and male athletes in grades 5, 6, 7 and 8. Athletes will be guided over the 4 week program by the coaching staff and athletes of the Northern Chill Volleyball Club. The athletes will be exposed to the necessary skills in order to build a solid foundation for their future volleyball development.

The Developmental House League is open to athletes with previous volleyball experience but also to those that are interested in an opportunity to experience the sport.

Please click here for registration details.


March Break Development Camp Registration

The Northern Chill Volleyball Club is pleased to announce the launch of its first ever March Break Development Camp. The Camp will run from Sunday March 9th to Wednesday March 12th at Confederation Secondary School.

The goal of the program is to introduce and develop basic volleyball skills to the participants overhead passing, forearm passing, attacking, serving, individual defense, and blocking.

In addition, each athlete will be introduced to a competitive mini-volleyball environment adapted to the specific needs and abilities of the participants.

The Developmental House League is open to athletes with previous volleyball experience but also to those that are interested in an opportunity to experience the sport.

Interested athletes are asked to download the Registration Package here.


Orientation - Registration Day

Player orientation and registration will be held this Sunday, October 6 - starting at 10 am at Lively Secondary School. Players are advised to arrive between 9:45 - 9:55 am in preparation for the start of orientation.

Advance forms are available below:

Registration Day Agenda

Player Registration Package

2013-14 Individual Player Registration Form


Chill Team Tryouts

The Northern Chill Volleyball Club is pleased to information for our first tryout:

13U - Born in 2001 or later
14U - Born in 2000 or later
15U - Born in 1999 or later
16U - Born in 1998 or later
17U - Born in 1997 or later
18U - Born in 1996 or later

Sunday September 22nd
Confederation Secondary School

9:00am to 11:00am – 17U and 18U

11:00am to 1:00pm – 15U and 16U

1:00pm to 3:00pm – 13U and 14U

A Parent Information Session will be conducted at the beginning of each tryout.  There will be a tryout fee of $10.00.  This fee is waived for athletes who attend the Skills Clinics.  Athletes who do not attend the Skills Clinic are asked to complete the Tryout Information Form.


Annual Skills Clinic Announced


The Northern Chill Volleyball Club is pleased to announce the dates and times for its Annual Skills Clinics.  The clinics will take place over September 13th and 14th.  Athletes will receive 4 hours of instruction from the Coaching Staff of the Northern Chill Volleyball Club. 
Athletes are asked to complete the registration form and bring it with them to the start of their respective session. 


Pre-Season Dates Announced

Skills Clinic – September 13th & 14th

First Formal Tryout – Sunday September 22nd Next Formal Tryout – Sunday September 29th (Additional Tryouts during the week as necessary)

Fall Freeze Elementary Tournament – October 4th & 5th

Orientation / Registration Day – October 6th

Chill / North Bay Lakers Exhibition Day – November 3rd in Sudbury

We will announce times and locations next week as we wait for the final approval on our permits, however please block off these days!


Northern Chill Volleyball Club Busting Out

2013-5-17 (courtesy Randy Pascal - sudburysports.com)

Indigo Clement - "Player of the Year".

The Northern Chill Volleyball Club was bursting at the seams, and bursting with pride, Thursday night at the Caruso Club.

Hosting their eighth annual Evening of Excellence, the local all-girls competitive volleyball club welcomed a 13U edition for the first time, straining the limits of the downstairs hall, with a change of venue soon to be necessitated given the growth within the group.

And on a night where extraordinary volleyball talent was feted, there was plenty to celebrate. More than 20 individual athletes were singled out with a variety of year-end awards, with Lockerby senior Indigo Clement nabbing the top accolades as Chill "Player of the Year".

A member of the 18U team with no less than six years experience with the Chill, Clement has committed to joining the University of New Brunswick St John Seawolves in the fall, competing in the Atlantic Collegiate Athletic Association.

The "Chill Award" was presented to 16U athlete Amanda Rigg, who supplemented her club involvement as a player by helping coach the fledgling 13U squad. The "One to Watch Award" was scooped up by 15U power Gabrielle Huneault, while senior Hannah Grace was presented with the inaugural Nicole Collard Bursary.

Club personal trainer Cole Payette was recognized for his contribution via the "President's Award", with the 14U team walking away with bragging rights and the coveted "McNair Cup", an intraclub results based reward system.

The Northern Chill fielded a total of six teams during the 2012-2013 competitive season, with most participating in anywhere from three to five OVA (Ontario Volleyball Association) sanctioned tournaments as well as provincial championships last month.

Following is a complete listing of all team award winners, from the 13U squad to the graduating 18U crew:

U13 Team Awards
Lexi Johnson
Becca Hopkins
Sydnie Stinson
Coach's Award
Most Improved
Most Improved

U14 Team Awards
Mykyla Beeson
Brooke Smith
Taylor Wilkinson
Nora Soenens
Coach's Award
Most Improved
Most Valuable
Fitness Award

U15 Team Awards
Erica Thibault
Silka Abresch
Sara-Jo Santi
Colleen Bocy
Coach's Award
Most Improved
Most Valuable
Fitness Award

U16 Team Awards
Kathryn Webb
Kaitlyn Gillis-McAnulty
Alana Dugdale
Coach's Award
Most Improved
Most Valuable
& Fitness Award

U17 Team Awards
Emily Clark
Kelsey Pitre
Emily McDonald
Coach's Award
Most Improved
Most Valuable
& Fitness Award

U18 Team Awards
Danielle Marshall
Meagan Flewelling
Liandra Hunt
Coach's Award
Most Improved
Most Valuable
& Fitness Award




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